Innovation in Magnetics

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Space and Aerospace Magnetometers

Bartington Instruments offers a range of three-axis magnetometers suited to space and aerospace applications, including spacecraft altitude sensing, geomagnetic field mapping, space magnetic signature measurement, navigation, and others.

Spacemag This sensor is designed for long-term and interplanetary missions.  It is vacuum compatible and available with 150kRad radiation hardened components. It is assembled to ISO 7 standard, supplied in an aluminium assembly, and is shock and vibration tested to NASA standards.
Spacemag-Lite This is an unpackaged unit designed to be incorporated into CubeSat mini satellites and low Earth orbit (LEO) missions. It features radiation tolerance up to 50kRad, and is constructed using readily-available commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components.
Mag628/669 This ultra-low noise fluxgate sensor is designed for aerospace applications. It is used in a range of platforms, including the Lockheed P-3C and Boeing P-8I.