Innovation in Magnetics

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Custom Product Development

Custom product development

Bartington Instruments has over 30 years’ experience of developing products to meet our customers’ specific requirements for magnetic sensor technology. We assemble, test and calibrate our products using specialist test equipment developed in-house, with calibration traceable to national standards.

We have responded to customer demand by designing fluxgate probes for operation on drill heads, on aircraft, in space and at the bottom of the sea.

We have designed electronics with noise levels down to a few pT at 1Hz for incorporation into instruments that combine high sensitivity with very low power usage and drift (< 10pTrms/√Hz @ 1Hz at 20mW).

Sensor bandwidths can be tailored for applications from a few Hz to 12kHz.

Instruments can be designed to operate at cryogenic temperatures, in excess of 200ºC, in a vacuum, at pressures up to 500 bar, and to tolerate shocks up to 600g and vibration to 6.8grms.

Our magnetic susceptibility instrumentation enables multiple frequency measurements with sensitivity down to 10-6 SI. The sensing elements that we design can be adapted for a wide range of sample types including bottles and cores, and surface and borehole applications.

We design 24-bit or more data acquisition hardware and software to pre-process and record data from multiple sensors, and provide interface units to complete multi-sensor measurement systems. Our electronics allow signals to be digitised and networked, and to contain data on additional measurements such as temperature, pressure and acceleration.